Good Dog Training And Walking

Andrea Rabin

Andrea Rabin

Good Dog was established in 2006 by Andrea Rabin to help owners understand why their dog behaves as he does and how to train and improve their dog’s behaviour using positive reinforcement methods.
Andrea trained with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB) and is an ADTB Approved Instructor. She regularly attends courses and seminars by various trainers and has read numerous books on training, behaviour and aggression.

She is passionate about helping pet dog owners improve their relationship with their dogs and helps you to train your dog in your own home.

Andrea has had dogs all her life ranging from a German Shepherd, Dobermans, Golden Retrievers, a Springer Spaniel, a Labrador and various cross breeds.

With the help of her husband Michael, Andrea has also provided boarding, day care and dog walking since 2008. There is currently limited availability for dog walking in the Bexley/Sidcup/Chislehurst areas. We walk at Foots Cray Meadows and have a maximum of 4 dogs with 1 walker, and a maximum of 6 dogs with 2 walkers.
If interested in training or walking please call Andrea on 07809 828180

Prices for training start from £40 and our walking service, including pick and return of your dog, is £12 for an hours walk.

Do you have an older dog in need of training?

Does he pull on the lead? Do you have trouble getting him back on his lead in the park? Does he dig up your lawn? Is he disobedient? Does he ignore you?

Whatever training your dog needs I can help you. Very often your dog does not understand what you want him to do. Perhaps you are inadvertently training him to do the wrong thing? If your dog is jumping up at you to greet you when you come home, you are rewarding this behaviour if you are touching him to push him off, looking at him and talking to him, even if you are telling him to get off.  All of this is reward to your dog.

I can help you get your timing right so you are rewarding the good behaviour not the bad behaviour.

All training will be tailored to suit you and your dog.

Perhaps your dog has a problem?

Does he suffer from separation anxiety, has a fear of fireworks, or is becoming aggressive towards other dogs.

I have successfully helped many dogs and their owners overcome numerous problems.Naughty-Dog

If your dog is barking constantly, becoming aggressive/possessive over food or toys, he doesn’t like to be left alone or has any other problem give me a call. I can help you solve your problems.

Nearly all dog behavioural problems are normal activities for your dog, even if they are not acceptable to ourselves. Through training I can help you prevent or cure many problems by teaching your dog to conduct himself in a way which is acceptable to us.

I will teach you how to let your dog know his place in “your pack”.

A well trained dog is a happy dog.