Good Dog training testimonials

Woody and Toby – Chihuahuas

Andrea is quite simply amazing

Andrea is totally dedicated and what is really important very approachable.   My two Chihuahuas, Toby and Woody had been attacked as puppies and in typical Chihuahua fashion continued to hold a grudge against every other dog.  Having had dogs for years I tried everything I knew but after five years swallowed my pride and contacted Andrea.

She totally understood the problem, and in a calm and practical way explained what was happening from the Chihuahuas point of view, gave me down to earth advice and IT WORKED!

Woody, Toby and I now enjoy our walks. I can’t thank Andrea enough.

Muriel Simmons – Sidcup


Leo – Spaniel x Jack Russell

Andrea is very friendly and knowledgeable, and could demonstrate tangible results within our first session (walking to heel).

Tons of great advice, also backed up with paper instructions she provided on paper to help us remember and practice everything we learned going forward.

Practical demonstrations and talking through our current methods helped us identify where we are going wrong quickly.

Our first experience of a professional trainer and we are very happy, filled the 2 hour session well and she made sure all our (very long) list of questions were answered fully.

Highly recommended.

Heather and Mark – Bexleyheath


Betsy – Wheaten Terrier

Just finished a six week training course with Andrea for my Terrier.  We passed our bronze and silver test and we have both really enjoyed the training.  Andrea is very calm and so knowledgeable.  Its been great fun for us both.

Lynne Meads – Sidcup


Bella – Hungarian Vizla x Wiemeraner

Me and Bella have really enjoyed Andrea’s classes and would highly recommend them.  Andrea also gave lots of advice to help with Bella’s anxiety with the car.  She also allowed my daughter to take Bella through her assessment today and passed.  My daughter loved that.

Thank you

Maria and Bella x

Maria Boyd – Sidcup


Nick – Dutch Quaker

Before Andrea worked with our dog Nick, he couldn’t be let off the lead without chasing and biting other dogs.  Nick is a rescue dog and it appeared that he had suffered trauma, perhaps through a larger dog attacking him.  Nevertheless, after just a few sessions with Andrea, Nicky was able to socialise with other dogs and now plays happily – even with Great Danes!  Andrea’s work in training both Nicky and myself, changed our dog’s life.  I would unreservedly recommend this amazing lady if your dog needs help to enjoy life to the full.

Angela Barry – Sidcup

Daisy and Dora – Pug X Shih Tzu

I have two Pug-Zu’s Daisy and Dora. I got them at 8 weeks old, by the time they were 5 months old they were totally out of control, took no notice of anything I said. Ran all over the furniture, couldn’t open a door without them running out of it. Nothing I said or did seemed to make a difference.  I contacted Andrea and that was the start of it. On the morning of the day Andrea was coming my daughter leaving for work could see how excited I was that this was the day training would start. I was feeling very positive and as my daughter left for work said “Mum don’t forget no one can shi* miracles!!! Well they can and Andrea did. If anyone is thinking about contacting Andrea DO NOT HESITATE, worth every penny and much cheaper than most. Thank you Andrea for the advice, techniques and support you gave and showed.

A very happy mummy Sue.

Sue – Blackheath

Buddy – English X Staffy

Can’t really put it into words how our wonderful dog Buddy, an English X Staffy rescue dog from Battersea and we as a family have flourished since having met, and been nurtured and supported by what can only be described as “the wisdom of Andrea”.  We now appreciate training a dog is as much about training the owners and from a time when we were banging our heads against the wall out of frustration, and feeling quite despondent we now have a dog that is an absolute pleasure to live with.

Janet, Alan and Buddy Milner – Bexleyheath

Honey – Bichon Frise

Thank you so much for all your help last Thursday.

Honey is doing so well. She is walking on a loose lead. She looks at me when I ask. She waits at doors and roads. She doesn’t scratch the sofa and her aggression towards other dogs has improved 90 per cent. It has been less than a week so I am amazed with the results. So thanks again

Ann Bignell – Joydens Wood

Ozzie – Spaniel x Border Collie

Just to say thank you so much, Ozzie has his freedom and loving it playing with other dogs, probably the first time in 10 years of life he has had the freedom to run.

We have been to the woods too, he was so knackered when we got home. Beach next. He is a very happy dog and I am a very happy owner.

It has made such a difference to him and me enjoying walks. I am going to let Battersea Dogs know we have cracked it. I cannot thank you enough.

Goes to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Lesley Holloway – Dartford

Polly – Pug X

I contacted Andrea because I was absolutely at my wits end with my Pug X puppy Polly. Although the whole family loved her unconditionally, I think this had made her a little crazy (I have 3 girls under 9 who often picked up all the time and smothered with affection). Polly used to jump up and knock drinks out of hands, run round the house and over all the furniture, get up on the dining table to eat our meals, chew all my shoes or the girls teddies and that was just indoors!!! Outside she would pull so hard she snapped leads, she walked on two legs where she pulled so hard and she made a screaming noise the whole time, especially if anyone or another dog was in sight. I was honestly at the end of my tether with her.

Andrea was amazing right from the start. Firm but fair always and immediately my Polly listened to her. Andrea gave me advice on how to train simple commands, how to use a crate, what food to give Polly and what leads to use. I read all the documentation Andrea left with me and followed all her advice. It was hard work but so beneficial as the change in Polly was almost instant and with each visit, we worked on another aspect of her behaviour. By Andrea’s third visit, my Polly had turned into a lovely family pet that even my little girls could walk without fear of being pulled over. She is now lovely and cuddly, doesn’t jump up (hardly – still working on it though), hasn’t chewed anything, hasn’t got on the table or knocked anything out of hands, she walks nicely without pulling (too much – still learning), comes back when called and is generally the adorable family pet that we all wanted her to be.

With Andrea’s help and advice I now feel confident that we can now all enjoy having Polly and I feel confident that me and my girls know what to do with her now should she start to misbehave again. I cannot thank you enough Andrea for all your help and support in training what I first thought was the most untrainable pup ever. Thank you so much for everything.

Nikky Wait and family – Bexleyheath

Nyx – Great Dane

Thank you for all your help. In the past I have had dogs from pups but have never had an adult dog before and as he is a rescue I am not sure what happened to him except that he was abandoned. With your help he is getting less worried about traffic and although he has always been good off the lead he is now much better behaved on the figure of eight.

I think it was as much a matter of training me as training Nyx. He has responded so well to focusing and conditioning and I am really surprised at how quickly he has learnt. I am so grateful for all your advice and the training sessions.

Sue – Bexleyheath

Paddy – Cocker Spaniel

Thank you so much for your invaluable help and support with our puppy Paddy.  We now have a very well behaved little dog whom we are enjoying.  He is already house trained and responding well to walking on a lead, although we have a little way to go yet!  Your advice and notes were great.  We could not have coped without you.  We would certainly advise anybody with a new puppy to get in touch with you fast!

Chris and Aileen, Shooters Hill

Boycie – English Bull Terrier (2 years old)

You came round to my house about 6 months ago to help with our rescue English Bull Terrier Boycie. Apologies for the delay but I would like to say a really big thank you as you really helped us with some really good tips! He changed the following few days after your visit…you nipped his nipping in the bud. Great trainer – would highly recommend.

Louise, Blackfen

Archie – Cocker Spaniel (18 months)

Archie has unbelievably improved now – long walks off lead and returning to me. Thank you for all your help and diet tips which have made a hugh difference. Thank you

Gill Newton, Hextable

Bree – German Shepherd

Just wanted to say a very big thank you!

The training you gave has meant that we now have a very well behaved fourteen week old German Shepherd that is also toilet trained to go outside!

Our two sessions with you gave us invaluable tips and advice which we could not have possibly gained anywhere else other than seeing you put them into practice.

Thank you again Andrea, very much appreciated.

Loretta and John Oakes, New Eltham

Peanut – Cocker Spaniel

Hard to believe but a week has gone by since your visit so I thought I would drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your brilliant help. It’s like we have a new puppy! She is polite, toilet trained and a joy to be around. We still have a couple of issues with lead walking however, she is getting the hang of it and not tugging on the lead so much but the difference in just one week is absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much for your help, we will certainly be recommending you to other dog owners, your advice and practical help is second to none.

Jane and Charlie, Chislehurst

Burt – Cairn Terrier X Toy Poodle

Thank you so much for all your excellent professional help with Burt. Today, for the first time, it was a real pleasure to walk with him in the park. From a delightful, but over-exuberant 13 month old with ‘selective hearing’, he is now a dog who is able to concentrate and not get distracted by other dogs. In fact, other dog owners complimented us on his behaviour. You made the steps we had to take very clear and straightforward. As new ‘doggie’ people, you gave us very good advice about a range of issues, from feeding regimes to being pack leader. Your work, modelling appropriate behaviour out on a walk, was brilliant and enabled us to make a great step forward in enjoying being with our dog. We still have a way to go, but feel much more confident that we are going in the right direction. We may well be back for more advice! Again, very many thanks for all you have done for us – it has made a huge difference.

Mr and Mrs Fuller, Kevington

Baxter – Cairn Terrier

After our 3 month old Cairn Terrier came to live with us, we wanted to ensure we would be correctly training him from the outset – for his benefit and ours. The first few weeks of puppyhood are very hard so getting advice and support from Andrea was invaluable. During each session, she gave simple yet extremely effective techniques for us to work with that were not evident in our numerous puppy books!

Although quick to learn, Baxters main problem areas were his lead work and attention whilst outside. On our second session, Andrea came to the local park with us (in freezing conditions) to physically show us the best way to lead train and very importantly, how to approach other dogs. She gave us the confidence and techniques to let him off lead.

Baxter is now growing into a very content and complient dog thanks to Andreas guidance and owner training!

Highly recommended.

Paula Gordon, Sidcup