One-To-One Training

Good Dog One to One Training

It is so important to have an obedient dog.  We need to make sure our pets remain safe, don’t run out of the front door when opened, that they come back when called and that they can behave around people and other dogs.

All dogs need rules and boundaries as well as exercise and mental stimulation in order to be a happy, relaxed and obedient dog.

With my training you can have the family pet that you want.

I am committed to every dog and owner I work with and I want you to achieve all that is possible with your dog.  With patience, commitment, consistency and reward you can have the dog you always wanted,

Do you have an older dog in need of training?

Does he pull on the lead? Do you have trouble getting him back on his lead in the park? Does he dig up your lawn? Is he disobedient? Does he ignore you?

Whatever training your dog needs I can help you.  Very often your dog does not understand what you want him to do. Perhaps you are inadvertently training him to do the wrong thing? If your dog is jumping up at you to greet you when you come home, you are rewarding this behaviour if you are touching him to push him off, looking at him and talking to him, even if you are telling him to get off. All of this is reward to your dog.

I can help you get your timing right so you are rewarding the good behaviour and not the bad behaviour.

All training will be tailored to suit you and your dog.

Perhaps your dog has a problem?

Does he suffer from separation anxiety, has a fear of fireworks or is becoming aggressive towards other dogs.

I have successfully helped many dogs and their owners overcome numerous problems.

If your dog is barking constantly, becoming aggressive/possessive over food or toys, he doesn’t like to be left alone or has any other problem, give me a call. I can help you solve your problems.

Nearly all dog behavioural problems are normal activities for your dog, even if they are not acceptable to ourselves.  Through training I can help you prevent or cure many problems by teaching your dog to conduct himself in a way which is acceptable to us.

A well trained dog is a happy dog.

Why One to One Training?

One to one training means I travel to you and train in your home, garden or local park if necessary. 

With One to one training the training is tailored to suit you and your dog.

Positive reinforcement methods are used using food, toys and praise.

If your dog does the right thing he will be rewarded for it.

I can advise on all areas of dog and puppy obedience training and leadership, as well as advise on diet and hyperactivity.

I can help you become more confident with your dog.

Some of the dog obedience issues resolved are: pulling on the lead, not coming back when called, jumping up, lack of obedience, ignoring you, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, continual barking, travel problems, house training, etc.

The number of dog training sessions you need will depend on you and your dog.  You may need just one or you may need five.  Every dog is different and the training is different for every dog.

Initial consultation

I will travel to you so I can assess your dog in his home to see what issues you are having.  Training will begin during this session and I will give you sheets of information to back up any training that we do.  This session will last between 1 to 2 hours.

You may require further session depending on the training needed for your dog.  Some issues can be resolved during one session but often a follow up session is needed.  For more advanced problems you may need a few sessions to get the results you require.

It is also important that you are committed to the training and work hard with your dog.  You will not get results if you do not follow the training program.

I always encourage you to contact me to discuss any problems you are having and also to let me know how well the training is going.

Areas covered

* South East London * Mottingham * Dartford * Blackheath * Eltham * Sidcup * Greenwich * Welling * Gravesend * Lee * Bexley * Petts Wood * Grove Park * Bexleyheath * Orpington * Lewisham * Bromley * North West Kent

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